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Reforzamos la seguridad en el Teatro Real

Reforzando la seguridad del Teatro Real

With the aim of reopening the Royal Theatre, Excem Technologies has collaborated with the institution to strengthen its access control and its security measures to protect against COVID19.

The project was carried out by the infrastructure protection division, seeking to minimise the risk of contagion as much as possible by measuring the temperature of people entering the theatre in order to detect access by people with potential symptoms.

After an exhaustive field study, our operations department carried out the implementation of the new security systems during the month of May, taking advantage of the fact that the Royal Theatre was closed.

The technological solutions implemented for security and protection in the various access controls were as follows:

Metal Detector Arches with body temperature measurement

Body temperature and metal detector arches. They allow the analysis of 30 faces in the same scene. Installed at the access control at the main spectator entrance.

Access control with FaceTemp temperature measurement

For temperature detection at entrances for artists, singers, musicians and workers. This system provides accurate temperature detection, facial recognition and mask recognition. The supplied data are identifiable on its LCD display, and it incorporates software for viewing records.

FeverBlock Multiple temperature control system

Real-time infrared temperature detection systems for the theatre’s main personnel entrance. Installed for rapid detection of body temperature and to alert the presence of persons with abnormal temperatures in public places with a large number of people.

Desinfección Covid en indumentaria y calzado WeSpace II

Se trata de un armario diseñado con un tejido antivirus que incorpora una luz ultravioleta para la desinfección de ropa y calzado. La kill ratio de las lámparas ultravioletas que utiliza alcanza el 99,98% de efectividad, lo que la hace ideal para la prevención eficaz de infecciones y la transmisión de residuos de bacterias o virus.




Thanks to these new control measures, all preventive health and safety measures are guaranteed for spectators, artists and the workers at the Royal Theatre (musicians, artists, technicians…).

After almost 4 months with the doors closed, the Royal Theatre will resume its activity on July 1st with the opera by Giuseppe Verdi, La Traviata, produced by Willy Decker.

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