Proactive 360º cyber security solutions

We cover the entire process, from vulnerability detection and resolution to end-to-end business continuity protection.

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Disruptive cybersecurity and defence technologies

In the face of rapidly evolving cyber-attacks, and the increasingly sophisticated tactics used by cybercriminals to exploit security breaches, all companies, whether public or private, are challenged to find efficient solutions that allow them to mitigate risks and stop increasingly advanced and intelligent threats: APTs, fileless malware, ransomware and cryptominers.


We offer smarter and more efficient disruptive solutions


We streamline your cyber security strategy to make it as resilient as possible


Vulnerability detection and resolution, data collection and automated response


We help you improve cyber security strategy

It is not about building more walls, but about smarter and more integrated solutions and technologies. That’s why we work with the best international cyber security providers, so that we can guarantee you a dynamic response adapted to the constant evolution of cyber-attacks.

BAS Breach & Attack Simulation

Thanks to BAS (Breach and Attack Simulation) technology, organisations can run cyber security assessments and simulations at any time. This is an evolution of traditional pentesting, which allows continuous testing of all the controls and products that protect our organisation without affecting the system. Fast, simple and fully automated. Simply download a single agent, run simulated attacks as often as you like and within minutes get a detailed report with your security breaches and mitigation suggestions.

Deception technology

Deception technology, inspired by traditional intelligence, is a defensive strategy based on deception to make the attacker accept false information, simulated environments or fake attack surfaces as true. Our Deception-based solutions enable you to detect and prevent unknown attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) early and in real time. It gathers intelligence to quickly respond to threats as they evolve and proactively protects your organisation by adapting your defences to stop attacks.

Web & Threat Intelligence

We offer an essential tool for the collection and analysis of seamless data from the web, social networks, news portals and blogs, as well as from the Deep Web and Darknet. Through a single platform you can streamline processes by generating automated reports making investigations fast, accurate and simple and multiply your productivity through massive data analysis allowing you to uncover key information, generate suspect profiles, establish social circles and follow leads.

We help you develop comprehensive cyber security strategies to stop

AML & Fraud Detection

Because financial institutions are a prime target for cyber-attacks, each type of transaction needs to be comprehensively monitored as soon as it occurs. Only then can they mitigate the risk before it has a negative impact on their business or reputation. Through our financial crime platform you can immediately detect any suspicious behaviour occurring in your organisation using advanced machine learning technology.

Merging IoT and SCADA

Digitisation has precipitated the digital transformation of the industrial sector and we are now in the midst of the Industry 4.0 boom. In many critical infrastructures, it is necessary to combine SCADA and IoT solutions to complement each other within the existing infrastructure and provide a more robust security system. This powerful protection blocks persistent attacks ranging from ransomware, denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and cryptojacking to sniffing and even blocking on a wide range of IoT and connected devices such as smart meters, smart routers, cameras and more.

CyberRange (Cyber Warfare) Simulator

Thanks to our CyberRange platform, your cyber security teams can enhance their training by participating in an exciting war game. Perfect training to improve the competitiveness of your professionals through pre-set challenges by combining attacks and techniques from the real world. Today’s cyber security demands force professionals to constantly update their skills, with this tool you can improve scanning and mapping, programming, usage, evasion techniques, trace removal and forensics.


Improve the effectiveness of your security strategy


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More than 3 decades in security and defence

For more than three decades we have developed technological projects in a wide variety of areas and sectors, both in the public and private sectors, creating, designing and managing large projects with a high impact on society.

We integrate cyber security solutions from some of the world’s most qualified providers, differentiating ourselves from our competitors through solution assurance and the constant search for emerging technologies that provide greater efficiency, security and performance.

In addition, Excem Technologies has its own development department to be able to adapt technologies to the needs of your organisation and sector.
nization and sector.

  • Conduct tests and evaluations at any time
  • Protect yourself from advanced and unknown threats
  • Get simple reports from bulk data
  • Reduce reputational and disruption risk
  • Prevent data and information loss
  • Automate responses to detected threats
  • Protect the security of remote employees
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce operational burden and false positives

We integrate customised cyber security solutions

At Excem Technologies we are specialists in all branches of security for private organisations and public institutions. We integrate and develop advanced cyber security solutions to customise it to each organisation and context. Thanks to our experience we can help you to improve your cyber-attack strategy, to adapt it to the needs and constant evolution of your sector.


We integrate specific solutions to prevent cybersecurity incidents and threats

Fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad del estado policia guardia civil

Web-based target search, Facial target recognition, Tactical Systems


As these are essential services, any cyber threat could have a major impact


Helping you maintain confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience


Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we can help you streamline your strategy.


Protecting customer data is one of the biggest challenges in the financial sector.


Protecting critical sectors such as energy requires a robust cybersecurity strategy


We help integrate IT/OT cybersecurity solutions to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.