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A pentesting, also called penetration test or penetration test is a set of simulated attacks aimed at computer systems in order to detect potential vulnerabilities so that they are corrected and can not be exploited by an attacker.

In Excem Technologies we perform penetration tests both automatically and manually to detect all existing vulnerabilities in the network of an organization and also to determine correction mechanisms and risk mitigation.


How we perform the pentesting

To start cybersecurity audits, our analysts collect information through open access sources about the company, employees, users, systems and equipment.

Continue with an vulnerabilities analysis that will try to exploit in an ethical way, including social engineering techniques, attacking the systems until they achieve their objectives.

Finally, a report is made indicating whether the attacks would be successful from the attackers’ point of view and, if so, why and what information or access they would obtain, that is, attacks are simulated as they would be carried out by a cybercriminal who wanted to take control of the system or the information contained therein.

In this way, it can be determined:
• Whether the computer system is vulnerable or not.
• To evaluate if the defenses are sufficient and effective.
• Assess the impact of the security flaws detected.

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Pentesting types

There are different types of pentest, depending on the information available to the analysts at the beginning of the audit:

  • White Box: all the information about the systems, applications and infrastructure is available, managing to simulate that the attack is carried out by someone who knows the company and its systems.
  • Grey Box: some information is available, but not all.
  • Black Box: no information about the systems is available, in this case, it simulates what a cyberattacker would do.

In the pentesting setup by our specialists, a plan is made with a set of targeted attacks, depending on the technology used in the company and its security needs. For this, our auditors have methodologies, some of them specific to the technology or security standards we want to implement; others more general, which help them to perform them systematically and automatically, and others more advanced such as Monitoring, Deception and Cyber Range that help to achieve a comprehensive and reinforced protection.



24×7 monitoring of IT systems and incident response, providing the required level of cybersecurity for systems, networks and data.



Protection against ransomware using techniques and strategies to trick malware. We simulate environments in which we trick any type of malware, virus or APT.



We offer Awareness and Training services to both employees and cybersecurity specialists to broaden their knowledge.


Integrating customized cybersecurity solutions

At Excem Technologies we are specialists in all branches of security for private organizations and public institutions. We integrate and develop advanced cybersecurity solutions to customize it to each organization and context. Thanks to our experience we can help you improve your strategy against cyber-attacks, adapt it to your needs and to the constant evolution of the sector.











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