Intelligence and homeland security solutions

We aid government institutions and organisations in the collection and analysis of data for the defence and protection of national security against attacks and threats.

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Increase the efficiency of national defence

In today’s world, intelligence, cyber security and physical security are increasingly interlinked. In a rapidly evolving and changing world, the use of big data for intelligence and security is necessary. Our solutions enable you to collect and analyse vast amounts of data in a sophisticated manner and turn it into structured information to help you prevent crime, terrorism and cyber threats to your peace and security.




We integrate security solutions tailored to your specific needs



We have a research and development team specialised in defence



We work with leading international manufacturers


We help improve national defence and security strategy.

In the face of growing threats to defence and homeland security, intelligent information analysis has become a key factor for intelligence agencies, armed forces, Law Enforcement Forces and government institutions to anticipate potential threats and attacks.


Our strategic intelligence systems and solutions enable the early and massive collection of information and intelligence for research and digital signal processing to lay the foundations for strategic thinking. This enables the analysis of communications and signals intelligence to prevent threats and illicit activities such as terrorist attacks, illegal immigration, espionage and cyber-attacks.

Tactical communications analysis

Tactical communications signals analysis and research is intended for specialists with responsibilities in a specific area, who need comprehensive information in order to maximise the effectiveness of strategies with operational decisions. For this reason, more detailed data is required which can be used immediately to effectively support operations

Information fusion and analysis systems

Our information fusion solutions enable the integration of a vast amount of structured and unstructured data from multiple government and private sector sources. Through advanced analytics with a big data approach, this data can be turned into meaningful intelligence that can contribute to the overall analysis and maximise the possibilities for prevention and response, recommendations and reporting with constant updates.

Dark Web and Web analytics

Through our analysis solutions you will have all the tools and functions to analyse and manage all the information available about a target on the public internet and in less accessible and hidden areas such as the Dark Web. Through advanced methods, real-time data is generated and collected from social media content, historical data, open sources and the Dark Web to correlate all results and integrate them into existing systems and databases.

Cybersecurity solutions

The new Advanced Persistent Threat landscape has caused significant reputational, operational and economic damage to governments, industries and organisations. This calls for a new paradigm in cyber defence solutions based on machine learning and behavioural analysis to detect any type of threat along the attack chain and block it to protect nations, governments, critical infrastructures and organisations.

Solutions to improve national security and the security of its citizens

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More than 3 decades working in defense and homeland security

For more than 30 years we have developed security and defence projects for a wide variety of institutions and corporations, creating, designing and managing projects with a high impact on national and citizen security.

We integrate high-tech solutions with the world’s leading providers, such as our exclusive alliance with Verint, as well as other influential partners that guarantee stability, security and efficiency.

In addition, Excem Technologies has its own development department to be able to integrate and adapt our technologies to the needs of any government, institution or organisation.

  • We integrate global critical systems solutions
  • We select and implement the best technologies
  • We take care of specific security requirements
  • We have a highly qualified R&D team
  • 24/7 remote consulting and support
  • Neutralise terrorist attacks and all types of threats
  • We integrate new technologies with your systems and databases
  • Maximise the efficiency of security strategies
  • Streamline your security with our systems and solutions
  • Turn data into intelligence through advanced analytics

Helping you make the world a safer place

At Excem Technologies we specialise in advanced big data analysis for threat intelligence. We aid government institutions in the fight against all types of threats to the security of the state and its citizens: Terrorism, cyber-attacks, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, organised gangs, protection of facilities and assets, to name a few.


We obtain multidimensional intelligence to help you protect yourself against threats.

State Security Forces and Corps Police Civil Guard

Supporting the work done by the Law Enforcement Forces and Intelligence Services in Spain.


We simplify regulatory compliance for communications service providers.


We help prevent any attacks and system disruptions that could paralyse services.