Effort, motivation and attitude.

The must-haves of every #technoinquieto.

We have been recognised as a company that champions corporate culture; in other words, at Excem Technologies we care about people.. How do we do it?

  • Motivating the active participation of the whole team in company affairs.
  • Celebrating the good work of all colleagues.
  • By supporting a policy of constructive feedback.
  • Creating team bonds.
  • Promoting autonomous work under the same vision and towards the same objectives.

We want you to come, but even more, we want you to stay.

Develop yourself in a great company with more than thirty years of dedication to the world of security, telecommunications and intelligence and where we value people and talent.

  • Great working and friendly atmosphere.
  • Diversity of projects and areas.
  • Continuous training and professional development.
  • Real impact on society.
Restaurant tickets
Physical activity discounts
Buddy mentoring
Breakfast at the office
Intensive summer working hours

At Excem Technologies we are a project: our own project. Developing it is our priority, but we also like to have fun.

Improving day by day

At Excem Technologies we have implemented a fluid communication policy focused on the well-being of our teams. To this end, we work directly with our Team Keepers to ensure the effectiveness of this policy.

Excem Technologies is our second home and we have built it our own way.

We like to enjoy every day, we are aware that we spend many hours together and that the best way to stay united and motivated is to make the most of every moment: from daily breakfasts in the office kitchen, to coffee breaks, enjoying our own company and building our team day by day.

And what better way to inspire us and motivate us to work than through music? That is why we keep it at the forefront of our minds in our office. We have our own private music playlists so we can share new songs with each other that we discover.

Making plans outside the office is something we try to do periodically (especially on Fridays at noon), so we created the #Technoinquietos group to be able to organise get-togethers among ourselves. In addition, we like to listen to all opinions and to keep communication flowing so that we can improve wherever possible.

That is why we decided to open Mejorandio, our own suggestion box where we all send our ideas to continue building Excem Technologies in our own way.

Would you like to work with us?

We look forward to meeting you!

Send us your CV and a cover letter telling us in which department you would like to work and what skills you have. We will contact you as soon as possible.