Engineering and innovation

We design and develop new technological solutions, either from existing products or through products developed by us. And always promoting collaboration with other entities for the sake of innovation.

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Innovation and development of new technological solutions

Due to the speed at which digitalisation and human needs have evolved over the last decades, Excem Technologies has a team dedicated to the development and streamlining of solutions for our clients. Through close collaboration with our partners and other research entities, we merge ideas and technologies to respond to new needs and scenarios.


We work on existing solutions to add new functionality


Leveraging our technology, experience and expertise to meet new needs


We integrate different technologies to achieve more advanced and efficient products


We help you find new and better solutions to your challenges.

Following the spectacular technological developments of recent years, we have reached a stage where we must take an intelligent look at how we can use these advances and the resources available to improve our lives. By integrating technologies we can find new applications and uses in different sectors and areas.

AI developments applied to multiple areas

Through neural network systems and the use of specialised hardware, we can develop advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions that enable the analysis and processing of a large volume of data. Through adaptive learning, behavioural patterns can be detected and predictions and knowledge can be obtained which would be impossible through conventional coding. These systems enable complex decision-making with a wide variety of applications to solve everyday problems.

Docker and container-based developments

We develop solutions based on Docker technology, facilitating the process of creating and executing reusable containers. This technology, based on microservices, provides a number of advantages in the development of new solutions. Because they can be quickly implemented and adjusted as needed, they are much lighter, portable, flexible and consistent. In addition, a critical factor for Excem Technologies is security, as it ensures that no container can access the processes running inside another container, as well as securing the deployment of these containers.

Implementation of BigData solutions

We implement big data centralisation systems to analyse and process large volumes of data from both structured and unstructured sources, from existing technology solutions or in-house developments. In this way, and depending on the needs and objectives, we can connect and link databases from different sources and type to consistently process all the information and subsequently obtain thorough conclusions that facilitate decision-making.

Integrations of solutions and technologies

The need to upgrade and innovate IT infrastructure requires intelligent integrations to interconnect and support different systems so that they work in a coordinated and unified manner. Thanks to the close cooperation with our strategic partners, we have specialised in the customisation and development of tailor-made solutions for our customers, as well as their integration with other pre-existing products from our manufacturers or third-party solutions.

We develop customised solutions for your


Expertise in innovation and customised solutions

Thanks to our extensive experience in the technology sector, at Excem Technologies we offer you our extensive knowledge and our team to design, implement and manage the maintenance of any high technology and innovation project.

For more than three decades we have worked closely with our clients on major projects, both in the private sector and public institutions, helping them to successfully achieve their goals and standing out for our commitment and the customisation/streamlining of all our solutions.

  • New customised user interfaces for the customer
  • Integration of solutions with other third party systems
  • Adding new functions and features
  • Development of tailor-made solutions for special missions
  • Improving performance through additional elements
  • Application of technology in new areas and sectors
  • Disruptive innovation through new proprietary developments