Security and infrastructure protection

We have extensive experience helping the Public Administration in the security and protection of infrastructures against threats to their facilities and data.

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Solutions and strategies for comprehensive and integrated security


The increasing threats to the physical and digital security of institutions, critical infrastructures and corporations pose new challenges and demand new technological, strategic and training solutions to ensure adequate security. In Excem Technologies we want to help you streamline your protection against internal and external threats, improve your security strategy through the best equipment and training to prevent any type of threat.


Maximising the efficiency of your security strategy and technology.


We work with leading manufacturers for stability and quality.


Preventing and anticipating potential threats and risks immediately.


Unconventional security

We want to help you ensure safety and security in critical infrastructures such as airports, railways, power plants, government buildings, transport hubs, prisons, museums, sports stadiums, etc. We have developed a close and exclusive partnership with leading manufacturers in the security market, making us a key strategic partner for threat detection.

X-ray inspection solutions - Cargo

As a key industry player in solutions which respond within the US-driven CSI (as of January 2002) and in close cooperation with the US Customs and Special Taxes Department, Excem has the necessary technology for detection of illegal operations and trafficking by sea, working with a wide range of solutions for the non-intrusive inspection of containers and vehicles. These include the following product series: Fixed (FG), mobile (MT), flexible relocation (MB) and rail (RF) systems.

X-ray inspection solutions - Parcels and luggage

We offer a complete range of X-Ray inspection systems of various tunnel width sizes, for security scanning ranging from postal mail and parcels (CX) to palletised cargo to comply with security regulations (ECAC, National Aviation Security Programme and National Security Framework) in airports, stations, critical infrastructures and governmental spaces, among others. In addition to their compact size, they offer high image quality with an integrated user interface, AI-based algorithms for automatic threat detection, TIP solutions, state-of-the-art image enhancements and special functions.

Inspection and detection solutions - People

With high performance imaging based on millimetre waves without ionising radiation, aiming at non-contact analysis to detect weapons, metallic and non-metallic items, body temperature, explosives, batteries and contraband drugs concealed in the body, clothes or shoes. Highlighting the product series: BI (Body X-ray Inspection), BX (Backscatter Inspection) and MW (Millimetre Wave Inspection). Optimal for use in airports, railway stations, government offices, military bases, prisons or commercial locations.

Centralised X-ray system imaging

When managing and monitoring an X-ray system, it is essential to have a centralised system of all the data from the different equipment that allows all the available information to be related and linked together for subsequent advanced analysis. By handling multiple data sources and AI, it is possible to expand the information gathered and obtain more detailed information and intelligence.

XDS - SW X-ray and drug/explosives simulation training

We offer unique training and education solutions for security personnel, using the most sophisticated technology on the market for the design, development and execution of activities related to explosives. X-Test offers a series of kits with replica explosive materials, detonators, electronic and mechanical systems to train security personnel. In addition to XDSystems, the most complete software on the market for the comprehensive analysis of X-ray images.

Radiation Protection Solutions

We guarantee compliance with the current safety and security regulations on the control and recovery of orphan radioactive sources (RD 451/2020), as well as compliance with the directives applicable through the Nuclear Security Council regarding exposure to any type of radioactivity, whether from radioactive or nuclear facilities, or of natural origin in human beings and/or the environment. To this end, we offer a wide range of fixed and hand-held products, as well as associated services in radiation protection training and verification using encapsulated radioactive sources.

We aid general public institutions and critical infrastructures to protect themselves from


Physical security

We have many years of experience in the implementation and improvement of security in spaces and enclosures. The aim of all these solutions is the prevention of any threat and the immediate detection of any unauthorised access by means of video surveillance and all kinds of perimeter security measures.

Situational Protection and Management Solutions (SA/PSIM)

Due to the wide variety of systems and sensors for the creation of an integrated security system (PSIM), it is necessary to have a solution that allows the integration of all these elements in a coherent way. At Excem Technologies we offer all the necessary tools to manage the life cycle of the control centre management system and the reception of alarms through a single, integrated control panel that allows efficient, overall visualisation of all system elements in real time.

Intelligent video analytics solutions

Our VMS solutions facilitate video security operations to quickly understand the immense volumes of data and video captured by Critical Infrastructure. Integrated video management tools include automatic system health monitoring and event response; investigation management; a software-based virtual matrix; interactive maps; a powerful and intuitive video viewing interface; a thin client for remote or mobile users, among other functions.

Access control and intrusion solutions

Perimeter security and access control make up a security system that can detect any intrusion or threat and send an alarm signal to the control centre in order to be able to react as soon as possible and prevent it in time. Due to technological advances and the integration of multiple systems such as CCTV video surveillance, access control, facial recognition, target tracking, thermal cameras and multiple types of sensors it is possible to react in advance.


Anti-drone systems

C-UAS Detection and Neutralisation Solutions

Through our Counter-UAS solutions you can detect, classify, track and neutralise drones flying without authorisation in any military or civilian protected airspace with customised support and services. Thanks to ongoing radio frequency research and artificial intelligence, our solution has the leading drone library and can track unauthorised operators to capture them and quickly desynchronise drones from their remote controls.

Streamline your security and infrastructure protection strategy

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30 years of experience in security

For more than 30 years we have implemented technological solutions in the area of security for a wide variety of public institutions and private companies in multiple sectors to help our clients design and streamline their strategies.

We integrate emerging and highly competitive technology from some of the most trusted suppliers in the area of inspection and detection to ensure the security and protection of critical infrastructures of all types.

In addition, Excem Technologies has its own development department to be able to streamline and integrate technologies to the needs of your organisation and sector.

  • Optimum X-ray inspection systems for cargo and vehicles.
  • Fast X-ray scanning systems.
  • Advanced X-ray material sorting technology.
  • Protection against natural or artificial ionising radiation.
  • Explosives and drug detection training.
  • Advanced video surveillance for vehicles
  • people and objects.
  • Improve your Integrated Security Management System (ISMS).
  • Access control and perimeter security technology.
  • C-UAS solutions for advanced drone neutralisation.

We integrate infrastructure protection solutions

At Excem Technologies we are specialists in all branches of security and infrastructure protection for private organisations and public institutions. We integrate and develop advanced security solutions to customise it to each organisation and context. Thanks to our experience we can help you improve your threat strategy to adapt it to the evolving needs of your industry.


We integrate specific solutions to prevent all types of security incidents and threats

Fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad del estado policia guardia civil

We collaborate with the Spanish Law Enforcement Forces in the protection and security of their access points and perimeters


We protect critical infrastructures and public institutions to ensure their proper functioning


We prevent and anticipate any threat to business continuity


We guarantee the safety of people by means of rigorous controls on goods


Web target search, Facial recognition of targets, Tactical Systems


We guarantee the protection of critical infrastructures that could paralyse the activity of the whole country


We protect the activity of factories and industries against internal and external threats