Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a real commitment to social cohesion, respect for the environment, the well-being of our employees and customers, ethics and transparency.

We are a group of committed and highly qualified professionals, oriented to provide social value through all our projects.

We are aware of the impact of our services on society, and the responsibility that comes with participating in projects in critical sectors. This is why we want to highlight our social commitment in all dimensions: economic, social and environmental in our corporate social responsibility policy.

For decades, the Excem Group has dedicated its efforts to improving society through the patronage of its founder Mr. Hatchwell Toledano to various foundations and institutions both in Spain and in other countries such as Israel, the United States and China.

Towards a responsible corporate culture

The major changes brought about by digitalisation in recent years have led to a profound transformation in corporate culture through a series of corporate programmes.


In order to keep up the motivation and involvement in the company, we are committed to a well-being policy for our employees with stable and quality jobs, a working environment based on equal opportunities, family reconciliation, occupational risk prevention, professional development and constant dialogue with key stakeholders. We also want to transfer this well-being policy to our customers and partners through strong commitment, empathy and flexibility to build trusting relationships.


We are very aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and commitment to society, and therefore we are very conscious of raising awareness and promoting good practices among the team, for the efficient use of energy and resources as well as waste management to minimise environmental impact. In addition, we follow certified environmental procedures (UNE-EN ISO 14001).

Ethics and good governance

We believe that integrity, professional ethics and transparency in communication have been two fundamental values in the company's history that have allowed us to consolidate working relationships that we still maintain today. When carrying out projects with public administrations we are well aware of the necessary regulations and requirements.

Impact on society

In addition to creating wealth and employment, Excem Technologies has always been very conscious of the impact of its activity on society through our projects. With a long track record in international projects we have always been conscious of actively contributing to improve the social, economic and environmental atmosphere in different countries such as Spain, Israel, the USA and China.

Making a mark on society

During our journey we have supported numerous educational, social and religious institutions around the world, some of which are:
  • Codespa Foundation
  • Father Arrupe Foundation
  • Ortega y Gasset Foundation
  • Friends of Arco Foundation
  • Civil Guard Foundation
  • Samaranch Foundation
  • Weizmann Institute in Spain
  • World Sephardi Federation
  • Beth Hatfutzot Museum Tel Aviv
  • Taglit Birthright Israel
  • Maccabi World Union
  • New Economy Forum
  • Madrid Vivo Foundation
  • Ibn Gabirol Centre - Estrella Toledano School
  • Beijing University
  • Tel Aviv University
  • University of Jerusalem
  • Georgetown University
  • Bar llan University (Ramat Gan-Israel)
  • Technion University (Haifa-Israel)
  • Tsinghua University

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