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Leaders in anti-drone systems

Leaders in anti-drone systems

Between 14-18 September, the Ministry of the Interior organised an anti-drone system evaluation exercise at the Asturias airport, in which 16 companies competed. The objective was to test and identify the best technological solutions through real flight tests in an airport scenario.

Excem Technologies was one of 16 security companies selected by the ministry to participate in an evaluation of anti-drone technology, with the same conditions for all participants. Such a deployment has never been seen before in Spain, but neither has it ever been seen in Europe.

On behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, specialists from the Secretary of State for Security, the Civil Guard and the National Police participated, with the RD&I Area of the Subdirectorate General of Information and Communications Systems for Security acting as the test organiser. At all times, legal and police experts from the Subdirectorate General of the Office of Coordination and Studies of the Secretariat of State for Security have contributed to the project.

Carrying out the tests in a real scenario

For this occasion Excem Technologies opted for an integrated solution of sensors for RF detection and drone jammers, all mounted on a van for rapid deployment.

The company has presented the advanced capabilities of our partner ApolloShield’s solution to the Spanish authorities, and demonstrated its electromagnetic compatibility with CNS (communications, navigation and surveillance) airport systems as well as its proper and effective operation in the detection of unmanned aerial systems.

The tests have been divided into 2 groups according to the objectives set:

  • Compatibility check with CNS systems, to verify the potential impact of anti-drone systems on the airport’s operational CNS systems.
  • Testing of the effectiveness of anti-drone systems, to corroborate that these systems really guarantee security at the airport against intruder drones.

The companies that finally participated were: Aeorum & Asdt, Alfa Lima Systems, Amper, D-Fend Solutions, Elbit Systems, Everis, Excem, Gradiant & Proselec, Etra Group, Hologarde, Indra, Kentaurus, Ondata, Sdeweb (Dedrone), Seairtech – Hensoldt, and Thales Group

Demonstrated excellent results

After intensive preparation work, Excem’s team attended the tests with the aim of demonstrating that our ApolloShield system is at the top of the market for the protection of any airport or critical infrastructure.

Through excellent results we have demonstrated to external evaluators the differential capabilities of our system in a real airport scenario, emphasising its scalability, interoperability and flexibility.

This has been an excellent initiative to enable security managers of facilities requiring anti-drone protection for airports and critical infrastructure to make informed decisions on the best anti-drone technology offerings without fear of being misled.

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